Benefits of or Why should you work with us

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Benefits of or Why should you work with us

We are a team that will create for you the whole project cycle: from thinking about the idea to implementing the functionality. The project cycle includes analytics, design, development, and marketing. It won’t be done by one “universal soldier” but with a specific person at each stage with awesome and proper skill. We are guiding principle: for one project there are several specialists at each stage of development.
The client receives a full development cycle and he/she hasn’t separately to look for designers, backend, and frontend. 

We are one of the founders and members of the Khmelnytskyi IT Cluster. It is an association of people, companies, and organizations in the field of information technology. We have a huge base of employees and if we do not have time to do something or we do not have the appropriate specialist then we will be able to connect employees from companies - members of the IT Cluster. 
The client receives assurance that his/her project will be done in time and with specialists.

Our clients are guaranteed to receive a quality project at an affordable price and qualified support from the PM. And the guarantee of our reputation and the fact that we are not a “bubble team” is cooperation with our local government with which we try to make our country more modern and advanced. In our portfolio, you can also find cases for such countries as Israel, the USA, GB, and Canada.

We extensively cooperate with universities (we host lectures, workshops and master classes) and we do really appreciate students who are craving to learn something new with us. Therefore, we often get the freshest talents in the company which are practiced on real projects paired with skillful and experienced employees and the proof of this is that the average age of the team is 27 years old.
The client receives new original and fresh ideas for his/her project and always gets active enthusiasts who will find non-standard decisions for your issues. 

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