Company domains expertises

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Company domains expertises

The main aim of our work in the company Devloop is to create comfortable conditions for people who use modern gadgets and are not afraid to discover something brand new.

Over the years of experience, we have already completed more than 150+ projects of different complexity. For the work which has been already done, we began to distinguish expertise in one area or another. That’s why we decided to focus on these fields and gain even more experience. And that's how we decided on the areas of our activity: logistics, custom e-commerce, working with calendars and corporative sites. It is also our special honor to improve and simplify the quality of services where we are and in this we are helped by cooperation with the government sector.


We have a huge experience in dealing with projects which are related to logistics. They are: delivery, maps and taxi services. A lot of our solutions which we created were related to the automatization of goods delivery processes, namely: delivery within and outside the city, calculation of time and selection of courier. Our mobile applications for taxi services are used not only by Ukraine but also by foreign countries.

Custom e-commerce

Online commerce is making great progress today. Everyone is trying to move into international trade, so we have many different solutions for any business: to make it possible to enter the online space and increase sales through online commerce.

We have many different options for this, ie: online stores, interactive online catalogs, mobile applications and mobile marketplaces.

Corporative websites

Today’s business does not exist if it is not on the Internet. This is the reality: if it is impossible to find information about you on the Internet, no one knows about you. That’s why if you have a startup in such a sphere we will do everything to help your idea to get online fast and efficiently.

Working with calendars

Nowadays, planning and time management are relevant and necessary components for any business and your own time. As a company we have a variety of experience in this field from some simple solutions (calendars, reminder notes) to complex and technological, for example: booking, integration with payment systems and planning mass meetings with employment analysis of all guests.


We are excited that during the development of computer innovations and technologies our state is keeping up with the times and creating the necessary and worthy projects that can be used by people of all generations. For example we create services that improve the work of municipal utilities, develop mobile applications to provide payments and connect to check machines that have a connection with the tax. We are actively involved in working on such projects because they help make life better and more modern for any citizen of our country.

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