Meeting with students

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Meeting with students

On October 13, a meeting in the format of "Students IT-meet" had the topic “How can a non-IT specialist get into IT". Our company took part in such a meeting with the support of the IT cluster.

The "Students IT-meet" format is an opportunity for free communication between students and directors/ specialists of various IT companies in an informal atmosphere. 

As there were invited students from the Faculty of International Relations and Humanities and different representatives of IT companies, from our team there were Yatsyshen Serhiy and Oleksandr Halytskyi.

The following questions were discussed:

  • advantages of being an IT specialist
  • opportunities that will open up
  • required knowledge and skills
  • working in a team
  • employment in the company

"Students IT-meet" is a new awesome experience for both students and heads of IT companies or specialists cause after all

  1. students can here and now feel the atmosphere of the IT sphere, see and ask many questions to people who are connected with IT.
  2. specialists will share their experience, their stories, and mistakes and will advise which direction to pick and how to start.

Our team regularly organizes and takes part in events which are organized by the IT Cluster, so it greets everybody who plans and wants to build a career in the IT sphere.

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