Devloop international relationship

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Devloop international relationship

On November 10 there was an international offline meeting of the IT Cluster of Khmelnytskyi and representatives of Uzbekistan from the city Namangan to be exact. 

Meeting place: IHub place is the result of cooperation between the city of Khmelnytskyi and the IT Cluster.

The purpose of the meeting: establish partnerships between countries, exchange experiences, and create joint projects.

Which questions were discussed during the meeting:

- there was a presentation of the project platform for sister-cities working with Khmelnytskyi as well as with Namangan.

- Serhi Jatsyshen held a presentation on the IT cluster in Khmelnytsky who is also the head of the IT Cluster and co-owner of, told about the creation and life of the community, interaction with other countries and companies, and the work of the cluster in general according to its activities.

- Our company with the support of the IT Cluster held a presentation of the product which is planned to be launched as a pilot project in the region and further throughout Ukraine, which will improve the medical field including forensic science.

- Both sides discussed different options for cooperation. Foreign partners already want to work with us to develop projects for the "Smart City" because we have experience in this field and have made similar programs for our city and other cities all around the world.

The meeting ended with the creation of a joint chat for future discussions, negotiations and projects. In the future the details will be discussed so that the representatives of the IT Cluster will visit the new partner-city Namangan for more experience. The foreign delegation also offers our specialists to train their citizens.

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