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Custom e-commerce development

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Logistics software development

We are result-oriented and focused on delivering your logistics software project on time, spec, and budget. Go to detail

Corporate websites

Website for your company

We are result-oriented and focused on delivering your project on time, spec, and budget. Go to detail

Time planners

Calendar & time planner solution

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Work with governments

Solutions for government

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What ways of collaboration are right for you?

  1. Fix budget

    If you already have a technical task - we count, set the price and deadlines for development. If you do not have specifications or terms of reference, we can help you compile them.

  2. Time & material

    Such cooperation will be effective for you when you do not know all the details of the project and will constantly make adjustments to the terms of reference.
    Also when you have an existing project that needs to be constantly changed and improved, but the amount of work is less than hiring a team per month.
    Another possible way to use a project would be to use third-party services and we can't estimate development time at some point.

  3. Cost plus

    You enjoy working with a specific employee of our team - let's work together in this way. For regular customers, whom we can already consider our partners, we are honest and openly show the cost and add value to the "service" of a team member.

  4. Dedicated Team

    You need a full team to work on your project / startup - this model of cooperation is just for you.
    As a result, a full team of developers, managers, testers is formed. This formed team will work only with you and we will not use it for other needs.

  5. Outsourcing business process

    Do you want to try IT as a business model? Or your business has grown to the point where you need your own IT department. We will help you with this. We will equip the office, select equipment, configure software, hire qualified employees, issue job descriptions, prescribe business processes and determine the KPI. All you have to do is come to the office and enjoy your new team.