Devloop. About us, our purpose & values.

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Devloop. About us, our purpose & values.

Devloop is the company that develops websites and mobile applications and covers such areas:  logistics, custom e-commerce websites, working with calendars, working with the government and corporate websites. And that's who we are.

Our mission is to become leaders in the inventions, development of software products, and perfect solutions. 

Our goal is to transform our client’s ambitions into reality with the help of professional specialist’s solutions, services and consulting services all around the world. That is why our solutions are very valuable and precious for our partners. But what is the true value for us?

That's our company. Everyone who has been related to the company tries to popularize it as much as possible. The most powerful resource in the company are employees. 

Companionship, understanding, help, sincerity and integrity prevail in our company. We have created comfortable conditions for our employees and we are looking for and growing up real professionals. Employees are given the opportunity for personal and career growth.

We have training within our team for personal and career growth and often send our developers/ PMs for other external courses which we provide to them. The ambition of any commercial company is money. Therefore one of our ambitions and values is making money. The company and employees receive a steady large income/salary.

The product produced by the company meets all customer expectations. We are releasing and testing reliable software. In our approach to work, we use the most modern methodologies: TDD, Scrum / Agile, PMI. Due to this, you can always find out at what stage the project is now, what will be done next, find out the conditions and resources, issues, risks, learn about the budget used, and other important indicators of project development. Each developer thinks about user-friendly easement of the usage process. Developers independently think through their own architectural solutions and designers use convenient, accessible interfaces to do so.

The professionalism of our employees provides an opportunity to work with foreign markets and earn large incomes.

Devloop is constantly growing and evolving.

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