What is a React Native?

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What is a React Native?

A platform with which you can make full-fledged mobile applications using JavaScript.What is React Native?

A platform with which you can make full-fledged mobile applications using JavaScript.

So writes the official documentation from Facebook. And this definition basically explains the essence of the library. The main advantage of React Native is compiling into native code instead of using the built-in browser window in your mobile application.


What are the benefits?

In fact, compared to other applications, there is no inhibition of the interface. The functional approach and redux allows you to create large-scale programs. Our own achievement is an application with 100+ screens.

From experience

React Native has a fairly large library of modules for working with native components. Authorization through social networks is the launch of the FB application, or a native google account when working with Android. Using the platform, you can interact with various hardware pieces. Starting from a simple camera or file system and ending with various data transfer protocols. We are currently negotiating the development of a smart home system, having previously tested React Native for interoperability with smart home protocols.


About future


In my opinion, React Native has a great future, and we need to work in this direction. This is an incredible opportunity to create cross-platform systems, spending less time and getting full-fledged applications. Support and the community are quite powerful, and this makes it possible to develop in this direction.

How to start?

At the moment, we have enough resources to study new technologies. One of those, if you want to do it professionally, is Avivi It Academy. This is a professionally developed training program by qualified developers, the best practices of developing large-scale mobile applications are collected.



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