Framework, CMS, what, why, how, where?

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Framework, CMS, what, why, how, where?

Hello developers, those who want to have their own website (customers) and everyone who just reads this post. He will tell you what it is, what it is eaten with and what to choose in order not to get into time, money, or wrestle with the questions “what to do now?”.


CMS - (CMS) (Content management system, content management system)

Create / edit / delete content.

This is, in fact, a ready-made site that needs to be customized for your needs.


Well, the pros and cons go to move:

+ Quick work;

+ Neat site;

+ Available in terms of money;

             - It is difficult to change and expand the site;

             - Limited functionality (difficult with uniqueness);

             - Transfer to another similar system is almost impossible;

             - The need to explore where and how best to make the site on a particular CM system.


It is clear that in every thing there are advantages and disadvantages. This is a feature of systems. For example, working with the framework is very different from the movement of different blocks and menus in the admin panel of the CMSock.

And more detailed ...


Framework ("frame" in English) is a set of tools. Add-on programming language, a set of libraries. Well-functioning and well-interacting libraries.


So what are the advantages we can observe:

+ Opportunity to CREATE EVERYTHING that goes back (from simple to tricked, extraordinary and not only to the site);

+ Expansion and flexibility in appearance and internal;

+ Zero protection. Mailings, spam will not hurt as much as in CMS.


And the cons tell us that:

        - Everything is created from scratch. Great, painstaking work that requires awareness in this matter;

        - Time. Any site that is created with 0 will take longer;

        - Budget. Not everyone wants a site with simple functionality, but with such a price.


Well, in short, speaking ...

If you are interested in a site in order for it to be flexible and with the ability to expand it (on a big big site), or was not like any other then you to the Framework. Well, if, quickly and beautifully, as a advertising, single-page and easy to use then to the CMS.

Well, if not, and not this, then know there is no framework, create your own YOUAREPROGRAMMIST. Well, or Google will come to help and tell you a lot more interesting things.

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