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The metauniverse is a constantly operating virtual space in which people interact with digital objects and with each other including through virtual reality technologies.


The idea became popular in the second half of 2021 with Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook company which he renamed Meta. In July he announced the launch of a meta-universe that brings together different digital platforms based on augmented and virtual reality technologies. The metaverse should become a digital space where users can work, play and communicate.


Microsoft soon announced its own meta-universe, Nike decided to sell digital clothing for the meta-universe and large IT companies began investing in real estate in the Decentraland gaming meta-universe and other platforms.


Principles of the metaverse:


  • The world must always work. There are no pauses and disconnected servers and it never ends.
  • It works in real time and does not depend on external factors although developers can create and plan events in the metaverse.
  • The number of users should not be limited.
  • A fully functioning internal economy is needed. People and companies can receive a reward (similar to money) for "work" that brings "value" recognized by others, spend it and invest.
  • The metauniverse must connect real and virtual life.
  • Full data compatibility is required. If a user buys something in one place, he can use it and others.
  • It's completely opened. Everyone should be able to create their own content within the metaverse.


Who might be interested in the metauniverse:


• Construction companies: 3-D images can be transferred to the metaworld and customers will be better able to look around and choose a room / home

• Travel companies: make the metaworld of the real world and conduct virtual tours and virtual travels and any corner of the world

• Public organizations: as we live in a pandemic so virtual reality will help bring together many people without endangering their lives

• Educational institutions / primary school  and everything related to courses, lectures and similar things. In the metaworld you can conduct lessons, practically show what to do and how

• Games: in the metaworld there will be even more interaction with yourself, with other players and they will be even larger and as realistic as possible

• Large productions: their products can be drawn in 3-D and make a virtual store where people can go, walk, look around, choose a product and even buy with a blockchain. Or take tours at the factory and show how the goods are made.


And with all this Our company, our team can help you: from the development and drawing of 3-D parts / models to the creation of new, large meta-universes.


The purpose of the universe can be for people not just a "computer game" that they play after work, but a place where they will solve all their affairs: work, study, communicate and make all purchases. In fact, according to the plan, you can spend most of your time in this space.

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