RiverFish is a website for retail and wholesale of the fish, in B2C and B2B formats. The assortment of the site also includes fish grown on the reservoirs of the customer.

Outsoursed for TheDigitalEsthetics

Tasks set by the customer:

Development of a multipurpose website that will include an online store with a separate section for sports fishing. The site was commissioned by the outsourcing company.

Technical features:

  1. Dynamic calculator for calculating the cost of goods relative to the weight of the goods.
  2. Multilingualism - the site is created in two languages - Ukrainian and Russian.
  3. The administrative panel divided into roles.
  4. Section "B2B".
  5. The “get directions” function is a reflection of the route through Google Maps.
  6. The ability to register through social networks.
  7. The layout of the site is developed in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and the Back-end is developed using the Laravel framework.

Implementation tasks:

  1. Online store - contains seven sections: "Catalog", "News", "B2B", "Delivery and Payment", "How to order", "Contacts", "Services". The order of goods is carried out using a calculator, which produces a dynamic calculation of the value of the goods relative to the weight of the goods. Weight takes into account the error of 0.5%, as the fish is frozen, so it is difficult to determine its final reliable weight. For the convenience of the user, the services “Call me back” and the possibility of registration through social networks are applied. A bonus for the user when choosing a product is the selection of recipes in the text version and in the video version, where indicates what weight of the selected product is needed for such a recipe. Administrative panel - all administrative actions on the site are divided into roles: manager, user, administrator, a seller. The seller manages only the sale, the manager besides the sale also orders, the administrator - all types of orders. All applications are sorted by appointment. Administrator and manager can see all requests from the website.
  2. Section “Sports Fishing” - contains information about the reservoirs of the customer and their coordinates, where sports fishing is already being conducted and where it is planned to be held. In the section a user-friendly “lay route” function is used - it allows you to get a route to the reservoir where the fishing takes place. The route is displayed on a separate page through Google Maps.