What is a React Native?

What is a React Native? A platform through which you can build full-fledged mobile applications using JavaScript. So says the official documentation from Facebook.

Framework, CMS, what, why, how, where?

Framework VS Cms - Whaaat? What you say about my mom?!??


Devloop to take part in the first student online forum "IT SKILLS FORUM"

Why we need to use Nuxt.js?

Vue.js is an excellent choice as the framework for your application. But there are a few issues you probably likely run into: • How should I combine and configure all my JavaScript & Vue libraries to work together effectively? • How to structure the code of my application using the best practices? • How should I make sure my application is properly indexed by search systems? • How should I optimize my Vue app for speed?

Teamwork brings expected results

Teamwork - this is the key to success in the development of a project, which we can say about the Artonomy we have developed

New achievements of - Certified Training (Certified Agile Professional)

New achievements of our "partners". Why we name our staff as partners? It's because we work like peer to peer in our organization and feel free to go along together to new goals. So, lately, our Project Manager achieved a new level of his professional growth and get approval from International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile) by finishing their Certified Training (Certified Agile Professional). So, the training includes an analysis of the features and problems of real implementations in companies. The training gives not just the theory, but specific skills and a clear understanding of how you should begin to apply Agile tools in your organization. Congratulations Viktor H. and go-ahead to implementing your own skills.

Devloop company. About us, our purpose and values.

Devloop is the company that develops websites and mobile applications and covers such areas:  logistics, custom e-commerce websites, working with calendars, working with the government and corporate websites. And that's who we are. Our mission is to become leaders in the inventions, development of software products, and perfect solutions. 

Fields in which our company works

Our work in the company Devloop aims to create comfortable conditions for people who use modern gadgets and are not afraid to discover something brand new. Over the years of experience, we have already completed more than 150+ projects of different complexity. For the work which has been already done, we began to distinguish expertise in one area or another. That’s why we decided to focus on these fields and gain even more experience. And that's how we decided on the areas of our activity: logistics, custom e-commerce, working with calendars, and corporative sites. It is also our special honor to improve and simplify the quality of services where we are and in this, we are helped by cooperation with the government sector.