Voga is a blog that helps to create your ideal style and always keep up with the trends of modern fashion.

The main idea of the blog is to help users in the selection of new stylish and fashionable looks for every day.

Decisions made by our team:

  1. Custom filter - allows you to make recommendations on the administrative panel for new looks the next day. The administrator sets a photo of what the looks will consist of - the top of the image and the bottom of the image. When the user hovers over an image, he is allocated on another part of the block, a separate part of the look in a larger format, while there is the possibility of changing the color of the selected thing.
  2. Custom map - reflects the partners of the blog, in accordance with the specified address, city and radius. Administrator through the administrative panel on the map stores with which they collaborate. The user sets the city, address and radius (for example, 10km) and displays on the map, in a given range, the stores with which the blog cooperates.
  3. The administrative panel of the user in Hebrew - the site is focused only on users of Israel.
  4. Additional page/separate subsite on the site ( the wishes for the customer ) - a catalog of tattoos and trends on them. Built-in dynamic filter (set hashtags) - for example: choosing a flower reflects all the images of tattoos with flowers.
  5. The layout of the site is developed in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and the Back-end is developed using the Laravel framework.

“Fashion is changeable, style remains forever,” said the world-famous fashion designer, Coco Chanel, who is rightfully considered the founder of fashion. Understanding and perception of fashion since the days of the great Koko, of course, has changed, but her statements still do not lose their veracity and relevance in our time.

Thus, the fashion designer wanted to note that fashion variability is a natural process, but this cannot be said about style. After all, style is a criterion of individuality and uniqueness, a way of life and a norm of behavior.