Get something unique from "Machinarius gallery"

“Machinarius” is the site-gallery of the master, whose children's dreams have come true.

From early childhood, being in the village, he was always drawn to the small garage of his grandfather. There where there was a persistent smell of gasoline emanating from a handsome motorcycle. Where instruments of grandfather were gathering dust on the shelves. A lot of small details, iron trinkets, all glittering in the sun, gave the inspiration to create something immediately. So a little boy with incredible zeal and excitement began to make his first crafts... These were wonderful toys. In those moments he was the happiest little man in the world.

Already in adulthood, he had a vivid dream, in which there was a huge city with unusual mechanical creatures. Each resident of the city was not similar to each other, with his own work and vocation. He walked around the city for a long time, studying him and his inhabitants. Then one of them quietly told him: “But you were the one who created our world.”

By the evening of the same day, the first inhabitant of this unusual city was ready and occupied the most prominent place in the house. The city was named “Machinarius”.

The master embodies his works from metal, leather, glass and many other elements, mainly vintage and antique. Work on one sculpture lasts an average month. All exhibits have a highlight in the form of lighting or moving parts and very serious detail.

Do not forget your dreams! Always fight for them! And the site-gallery “Machinarius” will help you find inspiration.

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