Teamwork brings expected results

Teamwork brings expected results

When we were developing the Artonomy project, our team played an important role. The task was to implement a site with wide functionality for users to meet the deadline. We provided services for the development of the admin panel and the connection of the backend part with the layout.The site was quite interesting, because the industry in which it works was new for us and it was our motivation to develop and get better.

During the development there were no problems, because at the beginning of the work we organized a list of questions and soon received a proper answer to them. After that we had already started work. There were only technical problems (it’s an usual process), but the team quickly solved them and moved on.For us, the most important stage was to successfully plan our work, break tasks into sprints and maintain a stable development process.

For project management, we used the Agil project management methodology, which was convenient for the customer, because it was possible to make some adjustments during the workflow.

For developing the functionality, we used the Sleeping Owl admin panel - this admin panel is easy to use, understandable and practical. It contains a lot of already arranged functionality that we needed for development.

In order for the user to freely navigate the site without reloading the page, we used Vue.js technology.

The result of our work was a website that met all the points of the technical task, we had a satisfied client and team.