Mobile application: when and why you need it

Mobile application:  when and why you need it

Mobile application: when and why you need it

Nowadays more than 58% of clients shop with a smartphone. In addition users spend much more time in the mobile application than on the website or adapted to the mobile version of the site. According to a study by App Annie in 2020 their use increased by 25% and reached 4.5 hours. If you are still wondering whether to develop your own mobile application so this article will help you to understand how a mobile application can ensure your business prosperity.



Mobile traffic and customers' buying behavior determine the trend that companies want to satisfy in order not to lose their audience. The main goal is easy access to the necessary information:

• Instant interaction with your brand

• accesses that do not need to be entered each time are saved;

• personalization and loyalty;

• provide more personalized technical and customer support;

• fast sales: the product and the ability to pay for it literally in the hands of the user (the consumer chose through the application - paid from the mobile).


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Services such as online taxis, food delivery, electric scooter rental have almost completely switched to applications. Here the client can order a service, rate, leave a comment, receive incentive points, etc. In return, the person leaves personal data, thanks to which you as an entrepreneur get a complete marketing picture of your business. You can make personal offers for each consumer and thus could increase your income.

Before you decide whether to develop your mobile application or not, you need to clearly determine whether your products (service) correspond to it.


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Most people order via smartphone:

• men - electronics;

• women - clothes, perfumes and children's goods;

• regarding the service: taxis, food delivery, postal services and air tickets.


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Depending on the list of services and the quality of the program, the price range ranges from 7 to 100 thousand dollars. .

In addition mobile applications are available for two platforms: for Android users and those who prefer "apples". You need to make sure that the application has settings for mobile SDKs of payment platforms or partner banks.

Does it make sense? Experts advise you to think carefully about the feasibility of creating your own application. If less than a thousand purchases are made per month through your platform such a service will be unprofitable.


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Your application should always be kept on the lookout for customers for this you will need additional funds for contextual advertising and loyalty programs and promotion in the App Store and Google Play.


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There are applications not only for consumers but also for their own business needs. For example, for product accounting, employee communication and B2B sales (business to business).

The following programs are beneficial:

• to control remote employees (location, data collection, price monitoring, audit and vehicle control);

• organization of B2B sales (sending orders, viewing balances in the warehouse, working with the customer base and creating a product catalog);

• retail field (ticket sales, ordering goods, table reservations, etc.).


In short, the relevance of mobile application development is growing not only every year, but every month. Hundreds of new mobile applications are released online every day. It would seem difficult to come up with something new, but good developments in collaboration with good marketing can bring a lot of money to the creator.