This project is designed specifically for the virtualization of Ukraine. But now several foreign projects have already been done.

The goal of the project is to show modern Ukraine and prove, both to the residents of our country and outside the country, how progressive Ukraine is. To give the opportunity to visit for tourists or people with disabilities those cities and places where they have never been and may not be. To help, those who have the opportunity to travel to find new interesting places to visit them.

The platform actually publishes multifunctional virtual 3D tours that have the ability to dynamically transition between them. Virtual tours consist of terrestrial 3D panoramas and 3D panoramas made from the air. Using this platform, people travel virtually and get to new places in Ukraine. Thus, the platform connects all parts of the country (cities, villages, regions, etc.).

The platform contains:

  • ground 3D panoramas, 3D panoramas from the air;
  • publication of 3D panoramas (in 360 view mode) with labels on maps, descriptions, designations;
  • various points of transition between panoramas with unique effects;
  • control panel with tour control buttons;
  • informative buttons in selected locations that open photo galleries, text descriptions, video-audio files, links to website pages, social network buttons, and the like;
  • the ability to publish links to a virtual tour and the viewer is transferred to the direct transition to viewing;
  • an interactive panorama menu, which, for ease of navigation, can be divided into categories into separate groups;
  • VR mode (virtual reality) makes it possible to view the tour in virtual reality glasses.