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We have a good experience in ensuring the best execution of your project and make it the most convenient for both users of the company and for those people who will work with him to get your help.

  1. workplace automation

    There are a large number of state-owned enterprises that need modernization and automation of jobs . We have excellent experience in working with government agencies in terms of process automation, workplace automation, and we always make sure that it is at the highest level for our customers.

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  2. digital state, integration with dia

    Digital state, integration with dia - means that we can implement all the necessary synchronizations from the State. These can be authorization on the service through action, as well as other features document signing , data verification and all other features

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  3. utilities

    We have extensive experience in software development and implementation for utilities in various cities of Ukraine. Also experience of development for certain institutions of communal level for foreign clients

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  4. design of electronic services

    If you are a government agency or a utility company, we can help you make your job simpler and more modern by implementing and designing electronic services. Which in turn will make it more enjoyable to interact with the public that uses your services

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  5. trainings for staff

    If you want to use modern technology and software to improve your skills, speed , interact with other employees in the same organization or between different departments, always be in novelty trends - then we can help you in this direction by conducting specialized trainings on the use and implementation

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