Calendar & time

There can be many different planning options - but we have a lot of experience and want to share it with you. To create for you the best of the options, and the most convenient for your users.

API synchronization

  • Integration with API calendars (Google, Microsoft, Apple,etc.)
  • Integration with system for creating virtual meetings (Google, Meet, Zoom, etc.)
  • expertise_calendars.integration_with_messengers

Create and booking event

  • Planning mass meetings, creating business events
  • Booking
  • Organization of scheduled meetings
  • Task management

automation of work schedule

  • Organization of scheduled meetings
  • Task management
  • Personal account for data management

automatic updates

  • Planning mass meetings with analysis of the schedule of guests
  • Automatic remainders
  • Search for free dates

Ready-made solution for the hourly business - Flextime

Great for a business that has (works with) reception records. Does he want his own convenient site through which your clients can sign up for a reception or consultation. Also other features like retrieving data from Instagram and more

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