What kind of solutions can we provide in the logistics field

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What kind of solutions can we provide in the logistics field

What kind of solutions can we provide in the logistics field

In the previous post we told you about our activities and want to start introducing you to each field separately. Therefore today we will tell you about the field of logistics and the solutions which we can offer you here.

Logistics is always about clear planning, organization of the process of good’s transportation  and convenient shipping. Therefore in this area like nowhere else, you need a website or mobile application to optimize the work that will be conveniently configured for both the user and the company.

Our portfolio includes about 30 projects related to logistics so our specialists have already had tremendous experience in this field.

Many solutions have been related to the automation delivery processes and these functions we could offer you for your project:

  • user is able to choose the delivery guy and destination for delivery
  • calculation of the best routes for picking the parcels and their delivery by the shortest and fastest ways
  • integration with various services of maps of localities (both with standard and with specific or independently created)
  • integration with online stores
  • real-time delivery tracking (if the courier works in the city)
  • personal user accounts
  • calculation of delivery time
  • integration with existing delivery systems.

The logistic direction of our company's activity includes the development of mobile applications for taxi services both for Ukraine and for other countries of the world. Our specialists professionally and easily perform complex programming and development processes to obtain a quality technological product. In the projects that we have developed you can configure:

  • carriage of passengers
  • pre-booking
  • building of routes
  • tracking trip and car delivery
  • bonuses system
  • products’ delivery by taxi
  • online payment 
  • building queues of orders and appointments for drivers
  • referral program
  • instant calculation of the cost of the trip
  • payment for "friend's trip"
  • selection of car class

Our carefully elaborate adapted logistics solutions and highly synchronized transport network guarantee a perfectly performed work or service that’s why we are confident in our work and you can be sure of us.

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