Club Beeper

Detective Club is a board game with simple rules and an interesting plot, created by the team IGames from Khmelnytsky. Ideal for friendly gatherings or fun parties. In this game, you are waiting for intrigue, unexpected revelations, limitless creativity and lots of fun! Discussing, accusing, objecting and persuading everyone - conduct your investigation as a detective or hide your underground activities as a conspirator.

To simplify the game and expand its capabilities, it was decided to create a mobile application Club Beeper. So this means, it is impossible to use the application as a game separately, only in conjunction with the game.

The results of our work:

  1. The application works in two modes:
    • basic version - the possibility of simultaneous online games;
    • enhanced version - makes the game even more exciting, due to the online ranking and voting team.
  2. The Socket is used to online connect so that players can see who voted for whom, the score, and who was the conspirator.
  3. Multilingual - the application has 5 languages.
  4. Simplified login, the user does not need to additionally register in the application.
  5. New game room for each game in which players can join by number.
  6. Works on two iOS and Android platforms.
  7. The Back-end is developed on Laravel, Front-end using the technology  NodeJS.

The game uses game chips, illustration cards, and notepads. The game is designed for 4-8 players. The party leader makes a code word and writes it into the players' notebooks. One of the players gets an empty notebook, this participant is a conspirator. The meaning of the game is to find the conspirator.

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