Digital country or IT solutions in government

Digital country or IT solutions in government

Digital country or IT solutions in government

Today it is impossible to imagine our everyday life without access to the Internet. This area of life will continue to grow in the future. A significant number of services are consumed online and to search for information each of us first of all turns to the Google search. It is already at the level of habit. The state authorities of Ukraine did not stand aside and passed the Law named "About the National Program of Informatization" where the main idea was that the large majority of the authorities should be presented in online format. That approach is very convenient. Developed a mobile application called "Diya" which is designed to give Ukrainians the opportunity to receive state services online.


The IT sphere is becoming a key tool in the process of informatization of Ukraine. More and more companies offer their services to help the state become modern. Our company named "Devloop" is fully involved with this trend and we have done a website for spetskommuntrans.  It is also possible to improve the work of municipal enterprises with the services that we can offer.  From appealing solutions is - that you can optimize the workplace by developing a mobile app. A good example of such a solution would be the Project "Rankovy" which was developed by our company. 

In this project we optimized such things like: 

  • the process of rent 
  • information gathering and the transfer of information about the cash box 
  • and also about some important work and financial issues. 


Now people do not need to keep their notes in notebooks and exchange them and rewrite from one paper to another. Do not need to summarize all the necessary information and manually retype it to create reports. Which helps to direct human resources toward the really important aspects of the business. We have developed a mobile application and connected it directly to the cash register. It is available to each cashier and he immediately sees what debt is left. It gives a capability to pay immediately and some other things about functionality. The information is immediately displayed for other cashiers and everything works automatically. The information goes to bookkeepers and reports are creating automatically. The manager sees all the necessary information and can easily find out on the spot who did the work and made the changes. Everything is controlled. The human factor is completely eliminated which means that some errors are minimized which allows you to focus on the really important processes.

Our solutions

The next solutions can be offered for a current proposals :

  • work with open databases
  • integration with "Diya"
  • creation of online contracts
  • signing of contracts by means of EDS
  • personal accounts
  • integration with Viber/Telegram
  • integration with payment systems for online payments
  • SMS integration
  • mobile application development
  • connection to payment terminals 
  • connection to check machines with a connection to tax authorities 


Each of these steps simplifies and automates the necessary processes. This approach will be ideal for municipal enterprises because the improvement and simplification of document management is never unnecessary and will give security to important data. This will allow you to minimize the amount of paper work that is easily lost and can be damaged.


How about Ukrainian citizens

To be true the changes in the legislation have the goal to affect positively on the everyday life of Ukrainian citizens by improving the communication between the state and the individual. For example we can say that integrations with Viber/Telegram allow you to effectively inform about possible debts or other important issues. The process is simplified which used to take more time and effort. The implementation of modern technology at the state level is designed to establish a stable and convenient and safe system that will be equally appropriate for the authorities and citizens. No more wasting a lot of time on waiting and endless paperwork routine. Everything is right there in one place and can be easily used at any time that you need it. The only negative point of this choice is the loss of popularity of jokes about the ineffective work in some institutions and difficulty with understanding between person and government. well that's a sacrifice we'll gladly accept. We hope that the new generation will go further and forget about such inconveniences. Today it is in our power to start the progress.