Viridis - the complex of applications (web and mob) for working with pharmacies and selling their medicines / goods via the Internet.

There is an online store that synchronizes with pharmacies (more than 17 pharmacies). The store has the ability to indicate prices for medicines that are in this pharmacy. It is possible to compare the prices of medicines in different pharmacies.

Prices are synchronized with each pharmacy once in a day.

The ability to pay for products with online payments.

There is a delivery in different ways (integration with different delivery services).

There is a system integration with 1C product base

A flexible system for setting up advertising and promotional offers on the site and in the mobile application.

The mobile application is provided on 2 platforms: Android and iOS, through which you can carry out the same actions as through the site, but it’s more convenient from the mobile application

There is a control system for courier delivery by pharmacies:

- The ability to automatically assign delivery to the nearest courier to the pharmacy from which the order is taken and determine the delivery location;

- Setting the schedule of the couriers;

- Tracking the movement of the courier;

- Construction of a delivery route for the courier (pick up from the pharmacy and deliver to the costumer);

- Delivery control: SMS notification of a courier taking a parcel for delivery before entering a special code with SMS, which notifies of a successful delivery;

- Notification through the application of couriers about new appointed deliveries;