Today "Varyats Shaw" is rightly considered the best humor team in Ukraine. The team borrowed its name from the Dnieper dialect, where "Varyat" means abnormal, crazy. The value of the title is perfectly underlined by the atypical purely Ukrainian humor of the team, without obscene language, without any jokes in the political theme and the so-called “below the belt” jokes.

The project first appeared in 2010 in Ternopil. After 6 years, the team launched a TV version of the project on the air of "New Channel", where famous personalities are invited from time to time.

The team is headed by the famous Ukrainian presenter Sergey Pritula. His a pseudonym is "Ternopil Gray"

The team is also very different from a number of others, its price loyalty to the viewer, so ticket prices are very different between the capital and small cities. Pritula himself often jokes about this: "that it is easier for them to arrange additional concerts than to raise ticket prices."

The full team: Sergey Pritula, Vitaly Tyulnaya, Sergey Polupan, Valentin Sergiychuk.

The site allows you to get acquainted with the whole team, as well as contact with people who are responsible for organizing events, technical support, etc. Here you will be aware of all the news and will not be able to miss a single concert. In this will help you "poster" with a schedule of tours. Also, you can easily find through the site profiles of the team in social networks. This is a great opportunity to be always with your idols.