Top City Service is an online store of a strong engineering team that can implement projects of any complexity and scale. They are one of the leading companies in the field of industrial automation of components and equipment for various industries.

Main task

top sity web

The idea of ​​the catalog is that the user can see on the left side a category tree with subcategories and a list of products on the right side. In the list of products, the product has a photo, name, whether there is in stock, price and a brief description. Also catalog search and filter. The catalog itself contains more than 100 thousand products with unique identifiers for convenient and quick search for the product you need. The side tree allows you to quickly and conveniently navigate through the categories and choose the one you need.

Search allows you to search all sections of the site, find the product or category you need. Also, a search is possible both by name and by product code. There is additional functionality that allows you to search by order number if you know it. Search supports multilingual site, you can search in Ukrainian, Russian and English.

top sity web
top sity web

In the profile, the user sees the history of their products and a basket of orders. It also has the ability to create a new list of specifications, add goods there for further purchase and edit them.Editing a profile, changing mail and password. There is also the item "Legal Person" in which the user has fields for entering the TIN, legal address of the organization and personal data of the contact person of the organization. The page with Zip`s in which you can save the order file for further activation of the order is also in the profile. Delivery address, nomenclature with the ability to search for goods in the advanced search is also part of the profile

Additional functionality

  • The basket shows a list of added products, with the ability to edit the number of products, delete and order. During the deletion, you have the opportunity to think and return the product or delete it
  • The site has the ability to select a language from three options: ukrainian, russian and english.
  • Zips play the role of a wish list in which the user can add products for further purchase. Select them to move or delete, filter by date added, name and category. Move them to and from the basket back. Zip items are stored as long as your account exists.
  • Google Page Speed ​​website rating
top sity web top sity web top sity web top sity web