"The22project" is not just non-commercial assistance, it is a way to thank the brave souls that protect us. The project supports war veterans who have traumatic brain damage and are at risk of depression and/or suicide.

“The22project” is a mobile diary application designed specifically for US military clinics. The app provides advanced medical services to reduce the risk of depression and/or suicide of a veteran, including care and evaluation by highly qualified certified doctors.

  • The essence of the application - a person passes a variety of medical tests. He indicates his state of health in these tests. For example: how he slept today, what mood he has today, how he feels, etc. According to the test results, the doctor conducts a diagnosis of the patient's condition. Based on the diagnosis, the doctor develops a follow-up treatment direction and controls the healing process.
  • The application provides an emergency call.
  • Developed by React Native, a Firebase database.