Home & House Carpet Atelier is the heart of the unique carpet projects. This is a place where artists and artisans creates incredible designer carpets for each client. Individual approach and wide service range surprising.

Goals set by the client:

Our team had to develop an original and multifunctional site for Home & House Carpet Atelier. The main task was to develop a convenient and fast filter / search, since the assortment numbers more than 500 units.


The result of our teamwork:

  1. We completely thought out and developed the project architecture.
  2. There are a super-fast response with the range of 500+ goods ­– full response takes around 200ms.
  3. The choice of color, texture, price, type, and design of the product is based on our convenient custom filter. There is quick, convenient and easy response after filtering.
  4. There was developed unique custom sliders (custom scripts). These scripts allows you to view all items from any angle (scroll to any direction, zoom in and out).
  5. Multilingualism. The site is created in two languages (English and Russian).
  6. We created a "wish list" that shows all characteristics, selected by the client for the desired carpet (price, type, material, etc.). Individual letter is created for the client with interested characteristics from the wish list.
  7. We added an important separate section "Commercial Products". The section presents integrated design proposals for companies, airplanes, hotels and elite restaurants.
  8. There was applied individual sub-sites of the main site – Landing pages, that displays "Promotions", including festive greetings, information about exhibitions, promotions etc.

The project was developed using REST technology, Back-end on Laravel, Front-end with the help of Angular JS.


Home & House Carpet Atelier consider carpet history and its traditions and aspire to change your perception of the unique handmade goods from first day of founding. Russian entrepreneurs founded carpet’s manufactory in 2011. Special approach to the product and its connoisseur has been created during construction of factory. Using different techniques of carpet making and ways of processing, as well as a combination of the best materials, allows Home & House Carpet Atelier to create unique rugs and carpets.  

All carpet creation stages of your unique carpet is handmade. Each millimeter is carefully made and inspected by experienced experts. We can accept new changes in carpet design and specification project even if it is already at production stage because we have our own manufactory. Artisans of Home & House Carpet Atelier choose the best materials and textures combinations depends on the size and purpose of your apartment. Factory specializes on carpet creation for: apartments and houses, elite hotels and showrooms, yachts, business centers, planes, cathedrals, etc.