Odessa is a city of sun, humor, delicious cuisine, unique architecture and history. It combines the incompatible: the noise of the market and the refined aristocratic past, quiet avenues, squares, and noisy restaurants.

In one of the colorful Odessa squares and there is a restaurant "Skver". The founder of the restaurant is Rimma Sokol. Once time walking around the city, she came across a magical place with a unique atmosphere. I saw and fell in love. Together, the team breathed new life here, a non-standard wooden zrub turned into a stylish and cozy place.

The restaurant is known throughout Odessa, for its attitude: "We are for naturalness in everything." This applies both to the kitchen and to the design with the decor of the institution. The team always creates around itself the atmosphere of a constant holiday, the parties that take place here, visitors remember for a long time.

The soulful cuisine is an appetizing combination of multinational culinary traditions, guests are free in their desires. The restaurant is loyal to the wishes of the visitor. When planning your event, you can order any dishes to taste and the chef will prepare them for you.

Spend a family holiday or corporate party in an atmosphere of home comfort and warmth, with friendly and delicate service. A warm welcome and a casual atmosphere will give you an unforgettable vacation. This is a great place for long friendly gatherings and significant family events.

You will definitely want to come back here.