Utrenny is a project whose name comes from the Utrenny market, for which a modern version of collecting rent from retail outlets without boring entries was implemented.

Our task was to implement a quick collection of payments by the cashier and transfer of employees to the electronic format for filing documents

The program consists of two parts:

The first is a mobile application for cashiers, which includes a list of all market points and the ability to pay and print a receipt

The second is the admin panel for the administrator, manager, accountant. It includes the functionality of confirming actions with points for the administrator, generating reports for the accountant, creating / editing payments for the manager, generating contracts and a functional map of the outlet.

The mobile application is a cashier's assistant, convenient in that it contains a list of market outlets and the debt of each outlet. To select debtors, there is a separate debtor section for them. The application connects to the cash register, so you can immediately print X - report and Z - report by closing the shift. The search for outlets has been implemented, allowing you to quickly find the desired outlet and pay for a certain period.

For each outlet there is brief information that the cashier needs - name, mobile phone and row, place and number of square meters.

The payment history for each outlet is the best option for quick orientation in unpaid months.

For each month, the amount is charged, which is carried out according to the formulas, so the cashier will never make a mistake when calculating the amount of payment for the month.

If an error occurs when printing a check, it is possible to print the check again.

If the cashier selects several months to pay, the program automatically adds the cost of each month and brings everything together into one total amount. Therefore, you will not be able to make a mistake in the calculation, because the program will calculate everything itself.

The coupon number is used in the market and is entered into the program for printing it on the receipt.

Payment for electricity also contains a functional calculation formula.

The cashier enters new indicators of the outlet and instantly the old ones are deducted from the new indicators and the amount of payment is calculated.

New indicators are recorded in the admin panel for subsequent payment. And the check is printed.

Admin panel

In the admin panel of the application, a wide functionality is implemented for each role:

- control of changes in outlets for the administrator. Ability to confirm or reject changes with a reason for rejection

- control of payments made by cashiers for the manager, the ability to create and edit them to pay for electricity, reissue containers

Access to the card of each outlet, which contains the following functionality:

- personal and legal data about the owner, checking data in the Open Register, generating a ready-made agreement, history of payments and changes at the outlet

- Generation of an eksel document with the received amount for each day for each cashier
- Generation of payment reports for the accountant