LifeFun is a mobile application through which participants can improve their skills in three areas: health, self-development and financial component.

Each user is invited to choose his or her direction and complete tasks in the form of a game. For example, if it is a health field: to do the exercise of a run or squat a few times, each day increasing the amount.

Each set of tasks consists of a different number of days from 14 days to 60 days. If he wants to "pump" his progress, he will be able to choose the option for 14 days.

The development is done according to the Agile methodology. Each sprint was formed separately, so the client could make edits during the execution of the work. This approach greatly simplified the logic and reduced the client’s budget, due to the fact that it was not necessary to create a large and detailed specification. The app work perfect for a lot of people. Our team is gathered all skills and power to get this result.

About 10 developers have been involved in the different development period. Many interesting animations for downloads have been developed, custom user interaction components have been developed: animated sliders, components for changing the height / weight of a graphic character.

Lifefun app
Lifefun app


The task functional contains a lot of unique content: video and audio files; pdf instructions on how to do this or that exercise correctly; books that a person must read for self-development, etc.

The user receives a push-notification of each task, he must perform it and provide a report on it. In the report, the user describes what he is doing or provides a photo report of what he has done. Other users can see what the user has done. The application has a subscription mechanism (the user has subscribers and subscribers and followers), thanks to which you can view all the subscriber's achievements in the general tape of events.

Motivational component of work with tasks. Each user receives points for use and loses points for those tasks that he has not completed. There is a motivation in the form of ranking and awards. For example: receiving a reward for completing a task in the morning: before 7 am or until 12 am, morning jogging, primacy in the ranking of task accomplishment, the shortest time to complete, assignments in a row.


The system of messages and notifications. There are more than 17 user notification options in the application: you received a new task for the day, you have a new subscriber, you completed this task, your follower completed the task, etc. All notifications are configurable. You can configure each notification separately, depending on your desire to see it. Notifications to subscribers and followers, that is, you can invite someone to become your subscriber. Also, notifications are divided into two types: simple messages (for example your subscriber completed the task or failed) and motivation for action (for example hurry to complete the task, subscribe to me - in this case, he receives a message to subscribe or reject). When you receive a motivational notification, you can immediately through the button "complete the task" - to start execution.

Additional features of the application: news, block and unlock the user, write to the administrator, the ability to complain about the content that users publish, the ability to ask a question in the settings, complain or evaluate the application...
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