Artonomy is a wide scale platform created for the interaction of customers and performers for the implementation of projects and the purchase of ready-made works of artists.

The platform consists of two parts:

The first one is an informative page where you can get acquainted with the history site, write a letter to clarify issues or you can register to get started.

The second one is a functional personal account for the customer and performer, which is very convenient for working process and for work with performer’s and customer’s dialogues.

The site contains a block with new products for each category of work, so the customer will always be up to date with new products to buy that work which he likes.

On a separate page there is a history of the site, its mission and a description of its use for the performer and customer.

Personal account of the performer

The artist’s personal account includes the following sections:

Dashboard - a combination of information about the artist, viewing the balance of funds on the account, creating your own portfolio and editing information in the profile.

The site is implemented under the MVP version, for the future it is possible to develop such functionality as creating tasks for yourself every day, see the rating of your work from customers in a five-point scale and the percentage of projects

My projects - a list of projects that are assigned to the artist, completed or already are in work. Convenient functionality for viewing the time until the completion of the project, the status of the project and tracking the timely completion of work.

Artwork for sale - a section created for the artist’s work. He can add the work that he performed for sale to customers, set the price of the product and the deadline for submitting applications for his work, after which he chooses the customer whom he will sell his work and receive funds to his account

Search project - a page that contains a number of filters for conveniently finding a project for an artist. There is a filter for popular projects, new items or sorting works by your own skills. If you need a project in the shortest possible time, you can freely sort by deadline of work and apply for it, choosing the period for which it implements the project and budget, within the specified range by the customer

Billing & finance - Section with the financial information of the user. Its advantages are the transaction history, where you can find a list of money transfers. There is an opportunity to withdraw funds for the artist and for the customer also replenish the balance. Paypal payment service is connected. The site is set up commissions when buying a job or selling in percentage terms

Messages - quick chat for conversations between the contractor and the customer

The personal account of the customer is slightly different from the account of the contractor

Search artist - section where the customer is looking for an artist for his project. It is possible to filter by the criteria of the performer and get acquainted with the artist in the profile

If the customer wants to collaborate with an artist, he can create a project specifically for this artist and designate him as a performer.

Our task was to implement a convenient platform for placement and sale of works as an executor and as a customer, with which we successfully coped.