Case study Viridis

Case study Viridis

About the project

In times of lockdown and quarantine, different diseases and as never before you should take care about your health and don’t visit places with large numbers of people so the delivery of goods has become very important nowadays. And our client dealt with us for developmenting the mobile application "On-line pharmacy and delivery service Viridis".


Project tasks | challanges

- Create a delivery management system from an online store.

The system should include 3 parts:

  • admin panel for analytics and for managing orders, couriers and working hours
  • automated system for assignment of orders, search for the nearest pharmacies and the nearest routes, real-time tracking of couriers
  • mobile application for courier, for building routes, queues of orders and SMS confirmations


Project Solution


  • the customer received a mobile application for the courier with such features:
    • the courier can build a delivery route
    • the optimal route for taking the goods from the pharmacy and delivery to the customer is calculated
    • SMS delivery confirmations are sent
    • delivery is tracked if it is in the process of delivery (displayed on the card in the user's personal account)


  • the customer received an admin project for managing the app:
    • dynamic addition of pharmacies through the panel
    • managing courier
    • managing management
    • flexible work schedule settings for couriers have been developed
    • developed automatic calculation of the distance from the customer and assignment of the order to the nearest pharmacy to the customer


  • the client received SMS and push notification systems
    • notifications for couriers about the appointment of the order
    • notification that the medicines are already on the way for the client
    • sms-confirmation of delivery for the client


  • developed miscalculations and appointments to the nearest courier and pharmacy to




  • Project manager / Business analyst
  • Backend developer & Database Architect
  • 2 ReactNative (Mobile) Developers
  • QA manager (tester)
  • DevOps


Development time

  • 5 months


About the Client

  • location: Ukraine
  • business capacity : 150 ~ 300 people
  • sphere: medicine, retail



  • Custom PHP
  • Yii
  • Laravel
  • WebSocket
  • React / ReactNative
  • MongoDB & MariaDB
  • Nginx