Rankovuy case study

Rankovuy case study

Rankovuy case study


About the project

City Utility Company - Rankovuy Market is a market in the city of Khmelnytsky the main activity of which is to provide retail space for businesses.

They used to accept payment for the use of trading places on the market in paper form at the time when they contacted us. They recorded data in several journals and on the basis of these data they made reports to the accounting department. The market management called us and asked us to automate these processes.


Project tasks and challenges we faced during working on this project:


  • development of a mobile application for quick payment for the place of selling
  • development of an admin panel to control payments and program settings


What was done and is being done on the project. Project Solutions that we used:


  • The mobile application is a cashier's assistant. It’s convenient because it contains a list of marketplaces and the debt of each place.
  • There is a separate section with a list of debtors if you want to identify debtors.
  • The application connects to the cash register so you can immediately print an X - report and Z - report closing the shift.
  • We implemented search by outlets that allows you to quickly find the desired place and make a payment for a certain period.
  • For each point of sale there is a brief information that the cashier needs: its name, mobile phone and a number, location and number of square meters.
  • Payment history for each place is the best way to quickly navigate unpaid months.
  • For each month there is a charge of the amount which is carried out according to the formulas so the cashier will never make a mistake when calculating the amount of payment for the month.
  • If you suddenly make a mistake while printing a check then you can reprint it.
  • If the cashier chooses several months to pay, the program automatically adds the value each month and brings it all together. Therefore, you will not be able to make a mistake in the calculation because the program itself will calculate everything.
  • There is a coupon number used in the market and it is entered into the program for printing on the receipt.
  • There is also a payment for electricity which includes the functionality of the calculation formula.
  • The cashier enters the new indicators of the outlet and the old indicators are immediately deducted from the new indicators and the amount of payment is calculated.
  • New indicators are recorded in the administrative panel for further payment.
  • And the check is printed.


The client got the admin panel with such functionality:

  • Control of changes in outlets by the administrator.
  • Ability to confirm or reject any changes
  • control of payments made by cashiers for the manager,
  • the ability to create and edit them to pay for electricity, re-registration of containers

Access to the card of each outlet that contains the following functionality:

  • personal and legal data about the owner, verification of data in the Open Register,
  • production of the finished contract, history of payments and changes in the outlet
  • Generate an excel document with the amount received for each day for each cashier
  • Functionality of automatic charging of the sum for monthly payment of rent of a trading place
  • Generating payment reports for the accountant


The team that was selected for the project

Project manager

Back End developer

Front End developer


Development time

3 months


About the Client

geography: Ukraine

Business size: 15-20

industry: utilities


Technologies were used:

Laravel, MongoDB & MariaDB, CSS, HTML, JS , Android, Kotlin, Retrofit, Rxjava