"Heavenly Proskuriv"

"Heavenly Proskuriv" and "3D Proskurov's Guide" - two complementary projects that were presented by us in the framework of the "Citizen Initiatives of the City of Khmelnitsky for 2016-2020" program. Both gained a high number of votes in the election committee and received support and a biggest of interest.

The main goal of the project for us was to create an innovative, modern, high-quality, accessible and interesting for potential guests of the city and region, a digital information product on the latest technologies, which will give a detailed presentation of our city. From now on it is a reality, in total more than 200 heavenly and terrestrial panoramas.

Thanks to our project and modern technologies, everyone can see the beautiful and cozy corners of our city from the height of the bird's eye. The virtual walks are very easy, only having a computer, smartphone, laptop or tablet is required.

Anyone who wants can walk in 3D mode, but this requires special glasses. They are located in city museums, centers, cultural institutions.

Our project is individual, in Ukraine, there is no second such project. A similar project exists only in Dubai.

Mayor Alexander Simchishin said: “This is one of the best projects I have presented in the course of two years. This is the result of cooperation between the authorities and cool, active and constructive guys from the public organization “Advanced Ukraine”.”