Club Beeper

Club Beeper is the first experience for us, which is connected with the world of games. The application was created for the game Detective club, by order of the team IGames. It is famous developers of board games in Europe.

Easy rules, an interesting plot, and most importantly a lot of fun - tested by our team! Detective Club is an ideal game for family gatherings, friendly parties, and also corporate rest.

The game uses game chips, illustration cards, and notepads. The game is designed for 4-8 players. The party leader makes a code word and writes it into the players' notebooks. One of the players gets an empty notebook, this participant is a conspirator. The meaning of the game - discussing, blaming, objecting and persuading everyone, because you need to calculate the conspirator.

In October, the IGames team demonstrated the Detective Club at the International Exhibition-Fair SPIEL 2018 in Essen, Germany, dedicated to board games. Currently, Spiel is the largest exhibition of desktop, card and collectible card games in the world.

Detective Club is popular not only in Ukraine but it is also rapidly gaining popularity in Israel, France, USA, Poland, and Germany.